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Meet Our Mari

Meet Jamie

My name is Kim Piro and I have a 13 year old daughter with autism named Jamie.  The journeys through the paths of autism that my family have gone down have been long and windy ones with so many difficult stops, however so many rewarding ones as well.

Meet Jamie Piro

Jamie was officially diagnosed just after her 3rd birthday, however we knew Jamie was unique long before that.  She started showing signs just after her 1st birthday.  Many doctors, treatments and therapies later I am so proud of all the accomplishments she has made.  I will never forget her preschool teacher asking me what her main goal should be on her very first IEP and without blinking me saying “Call me Mama”.  She is now in 7th grade and got A’s on her report card last year for French and Spanish.  She has come a long way from those preschool days.  And along the way there was a “village” who helped her achieve the goals she is reaching today.   To help my daughter fit in and feel included with peers I started a disability awareness program called iCARE – Introducing Children to Acceptance through Reading and Education.  Learn more about this program at